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Volume 2 Quality Assurance for Supplies
Production process and product approval PPA
5th revised edition, November 2012

With the publication of this 5th edition the PPA Process has been completely restructured in order to describe the requirements relating to new or modified deliveries from external sources and those produced within the company.

The area of application is defined more clearly, taking into consideration existing VDA publications and terms. As an aid in implementing the stipulations in this present publication a sequence diagram for PPA is included, as well as the “trigger matrix” for changes which must be declared.

To improve understanding, the requirements relating to submission levelhave been stated more precisely. A significant up-date covering process validation has also been introduced, together with submission level”0″. All the changes which have been made are taken into account in the completely revised form for production process and product approvalin accordance with VDA volume 2.



1          Introduction

1.1       Production process and product approval (PPA) – process

1.2       Production process and product approval  (PPA) – objective

2          Range of Application

3          Initiation for a PPA Process

4          The PPA Process in principle (sampling)

5          Planning and agreeing the PPA Process

6          Selecting submission level

6.1       PPA Process

6.2       Performance test / process validation

6.3       PPA documentation

6.4       Sample submission and customer’s decision on approval

           for production shipment authorization

6.5       Special procedures

7          Archiving periods

8          Declaration of constituent materials

9          Technical terms and abbreviations

10        Appendix documents



Appendix 2: Trigger matrix

Appendix 3: Form for a PPA Process planning

Appendix 4: Matrix for assessing the serial production maturity of product and process

Appendix 5: PPA form

Appendix 6: Software test report

Appendix 7: Comparison between PPA and PPAP


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